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Special ski world cup Downhill / Val d'isère

SPECIAL Val d'isère




on Bellevarde!


Louise Attaque et Coeur de Pirates.


Géant world cup





1999 memories




After receiving the fin you get 30 days to decide whether you like it to keep it or return it.

But the warranty is for 6 months for normal handling of the blade.


Water loading this means!

The warranty do not cover grounding of the fin and rocks and floating woods hitting.


If you spot a problem with the blade here are the few steps to follow.


  1. Send us an email to tell us the nature of the problem. If the problem is not obvious it will require pictures in the first step.
  2. The second step is to  send back the fin for inspection with a safe mail delivery.
  3. It will then be decided if guarantee apply or not, depending on the damage inspection.
  4. If guarantee apply, the fin will be repaired if possible, replaced if it can t be repaired and if the same one is in stock or refunded if there is no stock.
  5. It will be send back free.
  6. If guaranty do not apply (hit a rock or drop the blade, or after the warranty time) will do our best to repair the fin at low cost.


It is design for water loading not tools or human knees... but the design is very tough.

To cut down the possibility of breakage the fins are tested at sea before being added to this e-shop. The test conditions are windy and choppy.

1 to 4 hours tests...






Debbugging electronics, bugs solving...





Francofolies on Sache (remix)


Nature play


artist Thoughts?

Mechanical hiphopineering

The sound of time.

As Neon Demon film?

have u seen?

David Engineering

Happy madness?

Number plate